Employer verified_user Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service
Salary £29,909 - £34,106 pa pro rata
Hours 37 hours or 18.5 hours per week
Contract Permanent
Type Job
Role Fire Investigation and Arson Reduction Officer
Closing date 25/10/2018

Opportunities have arisen within the Fire Investigation/Arson Reduction Department for a full time and part time officer.

The Fire Investigation/Arson Reduction Department which is currently based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, aims to reduce the loss of Life, Injury and prevent Social, Commercial and Economic consequences arising from fire.

As a Fire Investigation and Arson Reduction Officer you will be part of a team developing and delivering initiatives and programmes aimed at reducing the incidence of fire, identifying trends and patterns of fires.  You would also investigate the causes of fires and / or explosions including gathering relevant information, complying with legal and other requirements to produce detailed reports of Fire Investigations.   There would be a requirement for the post holder to prepare and present evidence in Court and other proceedings as part of an investigation.

As part of this role you would develop and deliver Fire Investigation training and awareness to operational staff within the service and deliver seminars, presentations and other events to promote Fire Safety. 

The benefits of the post include flexible working hours, a minimum of 21 days holiday, training & development and a range of other excellent benefits you would expect from a leading employer, including final salary pension scheme.

As an equal opportunities employer, being members of Stonewall and a Disability confident employer, Nottinghamshire Fire and rescue Service welcomes applicants regardless of gender, race, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or age.

General Description of Post

  1. Investigate fires and explosions to determine their cause to assist with the Service’s approach of driving down the incidence of fire.
  1. Work with others in the service, partner agencies and the business, public sector and voluntary communities to develop and deliver initiatives and programmes aimed at reducing the incidence of fire.
  1. Provide training, support and quality assurance to others within the service and allied organisations on aspects of Fire Investigation, Arson Reduction, reporting and recording of fires and other work conducted within the team / department
  1. Working with others identify trends and patterns of fires to inform the development of initiatives and the allocation of resources

Specific duties

  1. Investigate the causes of fires and / or explosions including gathering relevant information, complying with legal and other requirements, collecting, protecting and preserving evidence, selecting and using correct personal protective equipment and identifying and assessing factors that may have a bearing on the origin, cause and development of the fire and / or explosion.
  2. Produce detailed reports of Fire Investigations that contain accurate, current and valid data, which is logically ordered and unbiased and conforms to legal, organisational and service requirements. This will include presenting hypotheses and conclusions in unambiguous terms, using easily understood terminology and clarifying reasons for including or excluding specific hypotheses.
  3. Collect and present samples and other evidence, including interviews where appropriate, in accordance with legal requirements.
  4. Prepare and present evidence in Court and other proceedings including liaison with victims, witnesses and defendants in accordance with legislation, best practice and Service policy.
  5. Deliver seminars, presentations and other events to promote Fire Safety, Arson Reduction to business, public and voluntary sectors, trade bodies and other such entities.
  6. Work with Managers/Departments within the Service and external partners in the development, delivery and evaluation of initiatives to promote Fire Safety, Legislative compliance and Arson Reduction.
  7. Prepare and deliver media campaigns, press releases etc, where appropriate with others, to ensure messages are correctly portrayed in the media.
  8. Develop and deliver Fire Investigation training and awareness to operational staff within the service. This will include initial awareness training along with more detailed and specific elements, including shadowing/mentoring as appropriate, for incident commanders of all levels.
  9. Working with others in the Service, identify areas of inconsistency and poor quality in the way fires are investigated and reported. Identify and recommend steps to improve the quality of data returned.
  10. Develop functional and/or geographical references, areas of expertise etc.as required to assist with the advancement of Fire Investigation, Arson Reduction and Fire Safety within the service, and where appropriate contribute to the drafting of policies and procedures to deliver organisational aims and objectives.
  11. Responsible for updating, retrieval and actioning electronic information from Management Information Systems and other relevant databases / sources.
  12. Maintain confidentiality of information in accordance with agreed procedures, disclosing information to authorised persons only.
  13. Be responsible for personal organisation and structuring of own work activities as directed and agreed with line manager.
  14. Attend departmental meetings, training sessions, and courses identified as appropriate to role.
  15. Maintain competence and levels of technical knowledge to an agreed standard and undertaking training as appropriate.
  16. To undertake any other duties which may reasonably be regarded as within the nature of the duties, responsibilities and grade of the post as defined, subject to the proviso that normally any significant changes of a permanent nature should be incorporated into the job description in specific terms.

Specific health, safety and environmental responsibilities

Liaise with the Health, Safety and Environmental Risk Management section to ensure all initiatives, partnerships, programmes and projects consider the health, safety and environmental hazards associated with them and – by means of risk assessment, identify the necessary, proportionate risk controls.

General Responsibilities

(a) Health and Safety

To take reasonable care for your own health and safety and work and that of other persons who may be affected by your work activities.

To co-operate with Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue’s attempts to comply with health and safety legislation. Where appropriate you must safeguard the health and safety of all persons affected by the work activities you supervise at any premises you have control over.

To work in a safe manner in which you have been trained and instructed and advise your line manager of any health and safety problems you become of aware of.

To familiarise yourself with the contents of the Service’s Written Safety Policy.

(b) Use of equipment and other appliances

To take proper care in handling, operation and safeguarding of any equipment, vehicles or appliance, used or issued by the Service or provided or issued by a third party for individual or collective use in the performance of the job holder’s duties

(c) Equalities

To uphold the Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Fairness at Work and Equal Opportunities policies and practices and to treat all colleagues, service users and contacts with respect and in accordance with the expectations laid down by the Service.

To promote and deliver fair and quality services that are sensitive and responsive to all service users.

(d) Code of Conduct

To adhere to the standards of the Code of Conduct established by the Service.

(e) Personal Development

To keep up to date with current practice, undertake training and Continuous Professional Development as appropriate.

(f) Information Technology

To comply with security measures to protect against unauthorised access to, alteration or disclosure of information held on computer and ensure adherence to the principles of the Data Protection Act.

To undertake any training and operation of new technologies and associated systems as required.

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