There are vacancies currently within the civil service within different departments at various level.


We offer a 5 day Zoom course to support you with applying for civil service jobs. The course will enable you to understand the success profiles and behaviours.


Ex-Civil servants deliver this course with

fantastic feedback from students.


Guest speakers from areas within the civil

service are also invited so that you are kept up to date with current & relevant information.


To apply for this course please email your CV and a short statement (roughly 100 words) stating how you consider this course will benefit you.

Emails must be received before 1pm Tues 30th November and sent to


Those successful will be asked to enrol on line. This must be completed by Tues 2nd November in order to secure a place. You will need to upload proof of benefits, ID and submit your NI number.


Zoom course dates are the 7th, 9th, 14th, 15th & 16th December -  Mornings only

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