Apprenticeships are a great way to invest in your staff and ensure they have the skills they need to help your business grow and thrive. Apprenticeships can be any age with any previous level of qualification (as long as it’s in a different subject to the Apprenticeship) and they can be created from existing roles for staff within your business – it doesn’t have to be a brand new role or recruitment. If you have a payroll over £3m you will be paying the apprenticeship levy, which funds your training costs entirely. If you have a payroll under £3m, the government pays 95% of your training costs and Nottingham Jobs may be able to assist you in finding that other 10% and more!

Nottingham Jobs can provide impartial advice to both Apprenticeship Levy and non-Levy paying employers, helping you navigate some of the complexities of apprenticeships, dispel myths and demonstrate the benefits apprenticeships can bring. We can help:

  • Identify the right training provider and qualification for your business and workforce needs
  • Broker your relationship with the training provider to ensure they are delivering exactly what you want
  • Access funding to support your apprenticeship
  • Best manage the 20% off-the-job requirement so it aligns with your business needs
  • Understand how apprenticeships work in terms of duration, teaching, assessment and completion

Grads for D2N2

Nottingham Jobs is now part of a consortium of universities and colleges across the region that are aiming to increase the level of higher level skills and apprenticeships within small and medium sized businesses. If your business has less than 250 employees, we can support you to develop higher-level skills by providing:

  • a free organisational needs analysis (ONA) to help assess where your business might be lacking the skills it needs to grow
  • impartial advice to identify the right qualifications for your workforce
  • an introduction to our partnership (including Nottingham Trent and Derby Universities) to develop new accredited qualifications that meet your staffing needs

Our aim is to demonstrate the benefits to you of higher-level apprenticeships, which are 95% funded by the government and give your staff the skills they need to keep pace with a fast moving society and ever-changing local economy.

By tackling skills shortages and skills gaps that may be present we can help your business become more productive and effective in whatever your industry. If you are looking to develop and take on a higher apprenticeship, we may also be able to help with funding.

To find out more get in touch.