9-week Digital Foundation
Gain a Level 2 Diploma in Digital Technologies

Learn about:

  • Digital Device Safety Awareness
  • Key Elements of Digital Marketing
  • Behaviours and Standards at Work
  • Digital Technology in the workplace
  • How to set up an IT network
  • Understand the uses of social media in business
  • Marketing products and services using social media
  • Team Working
  • Produce a CV
  • Identify Suitable Opportunities
  • Introduction to design and development of soware
  • Marketing Products and Services using Mobile Technologies


Technical Units Summary:
• IT security
• A range of digital technologies used in the workplace
• The basic principles of setting up an IT Network
• The basic elements of soware development
• The key elements of digital marketing
• The fundamentals and key elements of digital marketing
• Social media for business
• Social media for marketing
• Mobile technologies
Employability Units Summary:
• CV writing
• Job searching
• Interview techniques (prepare for and deliver a successful interview)
• Confidence building
• Working as part of a team
• Team working (Project work)
Work Placement:
• Work placement with a local employer (minimum of 2 weeks)
• Increase your knowledge of business and enterprise
• Helps you understand expectations of you in the workplace
• Increased industry knowledge
• Build your confidence in the workplace
• Add valuable work experience to your CV
Details and structure of the 9 week digital fast track course:
Time and date:
• Monday to Friday – 9am – 5pm for 5 weeks with a 30 minute lunch and two additional breaks
• The following 2 weeks will be Monday to Thursday 9am – 5pm in the virtual classroom and you will be at
your work placement on the Fridays of these weeks
• Final 2 weeks will be at the work placement to showcase your skills and knowledge to the employer
Interactive and creative tasks will be incorporated throughout the duration of the course.


A laptop/computer or tablet and access to internet is required to complete this course – please let me know if you don’t have access to any of these.

Logging on to the classroom:
An email will be sent to you nearer the time so you can log on to the virtual classroom.
You will also receive £400 altogether which will be split across the 9 weeks

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