Employer Bravo Lighting

Bravo Lighting Ltd, 3 Glaisdale Drive East, Nottingham, NG8 4GU
Salary TBC
Hours 9am – 2pm, Monday - Friday
Contract Permanent
Type Job
Closing date 31/08/2021

Bravo Lighting is a fast-growing lighting products distributor in the UK. We have hundreds of lighting shops as our clients. We are aiming to provide premium customer service to every single client. Our customer service team is expanding fast as well. Now we are offering a Kickstart work placement within the team. Successful candidate will be offered with a permanent position in the company at the end of the work placement period.

To apply for the following job you must be aged 16-24 and on universal credit. Please contact your work coach to check your eligibility.

Main duties include: 

  • Order processing, generating pick list, shipping labels, delivery notes, pick & pack, etc. 
  • Customer Service, answering customer enquiries, handling returns 
  • Generating reports, handling documentations.  

Essential skills, experience and qualifications 

Have basic computer and MS office skills and experience; Have great organisational skills and attention to detail; Be motivated, enthusiastic and agile; Be willing to learn and self-invest in your development; Have an eye for detail and quality.

We will assign a dedicated mentor for the candidate, will provide full training for every step of the daily tasks and duties, including training materials and documentations. After the six months work placement, the candidate will be able to work within a team, fully understand how wholesale business work, how to communicate with customer more efficiently and effectively, how to coordinate with different carrier suppliers. This will hugely increase the future employability of the candidate. Also, successful candidate will be offered with a permanent position with the company.  

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