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FREE online talks from academic and industry experts in Careers & Confidence.

A series of inspiring, entertaining and thought-provoking talks about careers and confidence.

The talks will be held every third Thursday evening of each month, via Zoom, from 7.30pm and are free for all members of the public.

Run by Nottingham Speakers Club, the series of talks give insightful knowledge into areas such as retraining, freelancing, job satisfaction and career development, best steps for wellbeing in times of unemployment and how to approach a change in career.


18th February 2021
7:30pm - 8:15pm


Joyce Bosnjak,
Deputy Leader Notts County Council & Chair Health & Wellbeing Board

  • The importance of keeping motivated and how that's done

  • Keeping momentum going through difficult times

  • Self-awareness and belief

Please contact for more information or visit Twitter @nottsspeakers.


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