5 Day Customer Service & Employability with Level 2 Introduction to Teaching Assistant Certificate.

This is a remote course. You will learn from home with guidance from a tutor via a Zoom call twice a day. One 1.5 hour Zoom in the morning, and another 1.5 hour Zoom in the afternoon. Work will need to be completed in between the set Zoom meetings.

Customer Service/Employability Units Covered:

Employability – Job searching

Applying for a job

Building working relationships with customers

Group discussion on where jobs can be located and advertised

Discuss how you would search for jobs relevant to customer services.

Identify your own skills and knowledge required to selected job roles.

Learning Outcome 1 – Know how to deliver good customer service

Learning outcome 2 – Know different communication methods

Learning outcome 3 – Know how to provide good customer service in line with organisational procedures

Learning outcome 4 – Know how to effectively deal with customer queries, problems and complaints

Once you have completed the Customer Service/Employability side of the course, we will issue a voucher code via email which allows you to log in anytime to complete the Teaching Assistant section of the course at your own pace.

Teaching Assistant Units:

Have a look at just some of the material covered within the 20 modules:

An overview of what a teaching assistant is, their role in a classroom and how the role is evolving;

An understanding of the school system as a whole, including management hierarchy, national curriculum and the various types of schools found within the UK;

How to provide the best support – best practices, class preparation, understanding and dealing with student behaviour and how to create learning environments;

Legal issues in the classroom, such as school policies, ensuring child welfare, health and safety rules and regulations and student confidentiality;

How to improve literacy and numeracy, including alternative tools, the importance of the National Curriculum and how teaching assistants can support teachers in these areas;

How to provide assistance to students with learning disabilities and inclusive learning strategies;

A focus on integrating ESL children, building effective learning environments and understanding the challenges that these students may have;

Behaviour management, including proactive solutions, how to encourage personal development and understanding these negative behaviours;

An overview of parental engagement, focusing on why it is important, common barriers and how it can improve lifelong learning;

Curriculum delivery under the direction of the teacher, including understanding different learning styles, the role of the teaching assistant in activity planning and delivery.

Location: At home, you must have access to a laptop or computer.


Must be unemployed or on a low income (less than £17,000)

Be receiving a benefit or not

A UK resident for 3 years or more

19 years +

Must live in a Non Dev area.


May 30 2022 - Jun 03 2022


9:30 am - 12:30 pm