Do you need to sharpen your IT Skills? If so, we have a course to meet your needs!

This is an innovative programme which provides opportunities to Job seekers to develop basic ICT skills that will benefit them in daily life and with potential employers.

The duration of the course is 12 sessions over 4 weeks, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday and is based at our office on King Street in central Nottingham, adjacent to Old Market Square.

This is a course designed to give those with basic IT skills the opportunity to develop their confidence and ability.

Basic IT Skills

  • Using a keyboard
  • Using email
  • Using the internet
  • Internet safety
  • Online basics
  • Basic use of Microsoft Office

Support with Universal Credit and Find A Job systems and CV writing

You will then be at a level where you can independently use a computer to complete day-to-day activities which include:

  • Covering computer basics – Turn on and logging in and out of accounts, saving files and accessing them at a later date, computer terminology and what it means
  • Accessing the internet to - complete job searches, accessing personal emails to read, reply and send, add attachments and read attachments, logging in to and using their ‘Find a job’ accounts.
  • Creating a variety of work related files using Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel.

The course runs on 3 days per week between 9.30am to 2.30pm.

We have 2 training suites on the top floor, which can be accessed easily by a lift.

If you are a 19+ DWP benefit claimant, you will be eligible to attend this course.

If you want more information or to book on the course, please call our team on: 07841 361 548

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