School Business Manager

26 May 2023
£30,151 / year

Job Description

Purpose of the role

The School Business Manager (SBM) is responsible for ensuring school services are effective, efficient and in line with probity and school governance requirements. The SBM is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school office, non-education support staff and contractors, including (under Nova Central Services management) supervision of the school’s financial management and accounting processes, administrative systems, data management, health and safety compliance and HR related issues.

The SBM will work very closely with the Head teacher providing support enabling them to focus the majority of their time and resources on securing outstanding attainment for the school. The SBM is also the main link between the different central service’s operational teams and the school.

Although formally reporting to the Head Teacher and Executive Head Teacher, the SBM will also be required to work with and follow directives set by the CEO, CFO, COO and our Trust Central Directors. Our Trust Central Services covers the areas of Finance, Human Resources, Data, IT, Operations Management, Governance, Marketing which are all areas for which the SBM will have overall responsibility in school.