Sector-Based Work Academy Placement With CT Skills - an information day followed by a course covering Level 1 Introduction to Health & Social Care and Level 1 Certificate in Personal Development for Employability.

Information Day:   11th June 2021

Enrolment Date:  15th June 2021

Course dates: 16 June – 8 July 2021

Work Experience:  9 July - Virtual, Conference call via Microsoft teams.

Guaranteed Job Interview On Completion of course. W/C 12 July 2021.


Programme Overview:

Qualifications Covered:

  • Level 1 Introduction to Health & Social Care
  • Level 1 Certificate in Personal Development for Employability.

Venue: All our programmes are delivered through our online learning system all with complete tutor support through online video MS Teams

Eligibility Criteria – Aged16+ and have lived in the UK/EU for more than 3 years or have proof of leave to remain/ work permitted status

About the jobs available:          

Home Care Workers

Home care is making calls to people’s homes to deliver Personal care, Medication, Meals and support. You will be looking after and caring for the sick and vulnerable.

  • Hours: 7am till 14.00pm or 15.00 till 22.00pm and one day at the weekend Sat or Sunday.
  • Contract Type: Permanent.
  • Wages: £9 PH Weekend rate: £9.25 PH

20 – 30 vacancies in the Extra Care Retirement villages. Purposed built community of bungalows: 

  • Hours: Set shifts! 07:00 – 14:00 or 15:00 – 22:00
  • Location: Winwood Heights, Sherwood, or Albany House, St Anns. Will be providing care within homes in the village. Will not be sent to other areas.
  • Wages: : £9 ph Weekend rate:£9.25 ph

Purpose of Role:

The Community Care Practitioner coordinate and deliver individualized care and resources to the elderly, disabled and others so that they may continue to live in their homes and within the community with some level of independence.

The Care may include transportation, light house-work, assisting with personal hygiene, meal preparation, assistance with medication, sleep in/ waking nights and other social, health and wellness related activities.

The Community Care Worker is also responsible for delivering the scheduled care package as set out in the person-centred care and support plan. The Care worker will maintain confidential client files and will prepare and present reports and information as required. The Care Worker will ensure that all Care is provided in a caring and respectful way in keeping with all relevant policies and procedures and HeavenScent’s Standards.

The Care Worker will liaise and cooperate with other community services and resources as and when required to ensure optimum support and care is achieved by the client at all times.


Principal Duties:

Main Activities:

  1.  Provide Home Care to the elderly, disabled persons, individuals with health needs and others in the community with identified needs.
  2. Work with minimal supervision and be able to attend to the need of service users in fulfilling the requirements of the Care package.
  3. Work collaboratively with the team, the manager/ team leaders and the service user to ensure their needs are met.
  4. Adhere to training and support from the organisation as required in order to develop your own skills and knowledge.
  5. To administer medication as and when required.
  6. To prepare meals for service users.
  7. To receive support through supervision and appraisal system.
  8. Maintain health, safety and security and report any concerns immediately to your line manager. (Refer to chart below for reporting)

Principal Responsibilities:


The Care worker is expected to observe and follow Heavenscent’s standards of care        approach always, ensuring that clear lines of communication are received and given always.

It is a requirement that care workers document and report acts of omission and commission with honesty as it relates to the safety of the individual in their care, colleague and self.


You are required to ensure all areas of your duties are treated with the strictest confidentiality under GDPR 2018 and information about service users must not be divulged to unauthorised personnel.

This will mean that all conversations held about a service user is on a needs to know basis and all records should be kept securely.

Health and Safety:

The job holder is required to take reasonable care of his/ her own health and safety and that of other people who may be affected by his/her acts or omissions at work and to ensure that statutory regulations, policies, codes or practice and departmental safety rules are adhered to.


All employees must at all times have regard to the need to safeguard people who use our service and promote people’s welfare under the safeguard protocols, the health and social care act legislations and the local council’s policy and procedures on safeguarding.


An individual’s right to privacy involves freedom from intrusion or unwelcome attention. All employees will endeavour to respect our clients’ privacy at all times


The right to dignity involves the awareness of the intrinsic value of a person as an individual and the specific nature of each person’s needs. All employees will endeavour to respect our clients’ privacy at all times.

Clients’ rights

As a high-quality Home care service, we aim to promote a way of life for clients which permit them to enjoy, to the greatest possible extent, their rights as individual human beings. Individuals’ rights are centred at the heart of care as they form a vital basis which is fundamental to their care and wellbeing.


Personal Specifications






Educated to GCSE O’ Level

Some experience in Care or equivalent.

A willingness to progress in his/her knowledge of skills for care.


NVQ level 2 in Health and Social Care or equivalent.


Previous Experience

A caring attitude

Some experience in Care or equivalent.

A willingness to progress in his/her knowledge of skills for care.

Previous experience in Health and Social care settings specifically a Home care setting.



Skills / Abilities

  • Ability to communicate in a variety of settings with clients and relatives at varying levels of understanding.
  • Flexibility and team participation.
  • Basic IT skills or willingness to develop.
  • Understand and perform the requirements of the role.
  • Demonstrate ability to organise work-load and meet objective of care packages.
  • Effective time management.


Ability to work with Manual Handing equipment (training will be given).


Basic understanding of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 regulating the company.





Equality issues

Able to demonstrate an understanding of the effects of discrimination on service delivery and on people you are working with.




Education and Training

Be willing to invest time in training and development.

Training in areas of work related to the job role.


Other Requirements

Able to work evenings, weekends, nights, bank holidays and shifts as the care service requires.


Have a full UK driving license



Have full use of a reliable means of transport.


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