Opportunity open to Black African, Caribbean or Mixed/Dual Heritage students and adults.

Course dates

9th August 2021 - 5th September 2021


  • Positive action to improve engagement and recruitment of Black and minority ethnic communities into policing.
  • Increase awareness of police careers and the pathways to become an officer. Remove barriers by way of introduction and familiarisation with Nottinghamshire Police.
  • Four week course including communication and life skills and preparation for SEARCH national assessment centre required for Police Officer entry routes.
  • Facilitating students onto the Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship with Derby University.

Course benefits

  • Attendance creates access to SEARCH assessment centre and supports training and preparation for the process free of charge.
  • Attendance removes the need to undergo additional interview process as per usual recruitment for Police Officers (Process embedded in the course).
  • Current access into police officer roles has flexibility - force will seek to accommodate interested parties into the organisation via a number of routes, however the PCDA is the primary route for the course.
  • The PCDA scheme will pay for your degree while you earn a full time salary as a police officer.
  • Receive a certificate of completion, alongside support, coaching and mentoring to help develop career and personal skills.
  • Access to police officers and staff to increase knowledge and de-mystify what it is to be a Police Officer. Hear directly from the experience of student officers on the PCDA course and more experienced officers throughout the force.

What does the course include?

  • Familiarisation with Nott’s Police and the careers available to you after you join.
  • Access to Officers who have taken the same route into the force and their experiences.
  • Take a look at the mentoring and support available to officers as they join and throughout their careers.
  • Preparation to sit the SEARCH national assessment to become an officer.
  • Practice the fitness test
  • Information as to the Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship scheme and other access routes to becoming an officer.
  • Communication and career skills
  • Activity with the Chiefs Constables charity – The John Eastwood Hospice Trust.
  • Lunch on us

Course entry requirements

Join the webinar - follow the link Expression Of Interest (notts.police.uk), then please tick the wider access box.

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