Are you looking for a new job that is local to your home and flexible around hours to suit your family or social commitments? 

Positions are available now, to find out more about jobs and free training in the Health and Social Care sector, please contact:

If you prefer, you can register with Nottingham Jobs and we'll contact you to talk about the jobs available or any support you need.


Pathways to Health & Social Care:

The Pathways to Health & Social Care project will support people living in Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire who are looking for work or are interested in training and working in the Health and Social Care sector.

Our dedicated advisers can also support people to access training and explore the range of flexible job roles in the Health and Social Care sector.


What’s in it for you?

There is a wide-range of guidance & support available to you within Pathways, including (but not limited to):

  • CV Help & Guidance - how to cover a lack of experience on your CV, how to address gaps in employment, etc.
  • Application Forms - how to complete personal statements on job applications
  • Interview Preparation - advice and guidance in preparing for common interview questions, and how to present yourself during interview, etc.
  • Signposting and advice on free training courses
  • Jobs Available Now! Pathways can link you to employers with available job roles and careers


Why should I consider a role in the Health and Social Care Sector?

Health and Social Care is a ‘values-based’ sector, meaning you don’t need previous care qualifications or experience to find a suitable role. Your life experiences are just as valuable in this sector as qualifications.

The Health and Social Care sector is therefore ideal for those who may have never worked before, for those who may have taken time out to look after friends or family, or for those who may have worked in other sectors (such as Hospitality, Retail, Travel/Tourism, Leisure, etc.), and want to transfer their skills onto a new path.

Even during times of high unemployment, Health and Social Care is one of the few sectors that keeps growing – with more jobs available to choose from than applicants. This means, employers are fighting for your interest, skills and experience; and you get plenty of choice.

In addition, the sector offers the following benefits:

  • Job Satisfaction – Feel the benefits of satisfying work through helping others
  • Flexibility – Jobs that can fit around your other commitments
  • Job Progression – Opportunities to progress into senior roles (with higher pay)
  • Development Support – Receive ongoing training and support from your employer so you are confident and capable in your role


What kinds of jobs are available?

The wide-range of jobs available within the Health and Social Care sector include (but, again, are not limited to):

 Care Assistants  Caring for people, either in their own homes or care homes. 
 Support Workers  Helping people who might have Learning Disabilities, or poor Mental Health, etc. 
 Domestic  These roles are normally done in a care home setting, and include jobs like Cook, Cleaner, etc. 
 Activities Co-Ordinators  Creating and delivering social activities for care home residents. 
 Maintenance Operatives  These roles are usually done in a care home or supported-living setting, and includes jobs such like Caretaker,   Handyman, etc.
 Children's Residential   Support Workers  Assist and support children in residental care homes with a range of tasks and activities.
 Office-Based Work  With roles available in IT, Human Resources (HR), and Administration.
 Hospital-Based Work  Working in local hospitals in roles such as Porter, Ward Assistant, or Health Care Assistant. 
 Telephone-Based Support   Work  Provide telephone-based 'triage' (prioritising based on need) and support those who require it.


Who are our partners?


Support for job seekers:

If you are looking for support to find a role or want to find out more about free training in the Health and Social Care sector, please contact us via:


Support for employers:

If you are an employer within the Health and Social Care sector and would like an initial discussion around how we can help you take on more staff, please contact Lisa Yates - 



Pathways to Health & Social Care is part-funded by the European Union through the European Social Fund (ESF).