Join us at our FREE national police careers discovery event for women considering joining as a police officer.

At this interactive national event, you will hear from a number of speakers about their experiences of joining the police service, some of the reasons why they joined and how the service has been supportive of them as female officers. You will also hear from some national organisations who work to support women in policing and how their organisation might be useful to you once you join.

Finally, you will hear from the various police forces about the opportunities they offer and how they support women in policing within their specific force.

You will have the opportunity to listen to speakers and ask questions as we go. During the final hour when we move to breakout sessions, choose which force(s) you would like to specifically hear from (and speak to) and join them in their dedicated breakout area. Instructions on how to do this will be provided when you join us.

As a police service, we are committed to furthering diversity and inclusion. This event is a positive action event for women only so please only sign up if this event is relevant to you. We do have other positive action events on offer in this series too.

Since this is a pilot series of events, each event is limited to 250 attendees as a maximum. Whether you have secured a place this time or not, please do visit our national Joining The Police website at for plenty of useful information and advice.


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