Most employers obsess over qualifications and ignore qualities, put experience above potential and have a very narrow range of jobs options on offer.

A career in the RAF is about discovering your natural talent and working out together what makes you valuable, productive and happy.


From the chefs to the jet pilots they send out on full stomachs, the RAF is full of ordinary folks, just like you, who came to us, often with nothing more than a desire to lead a less ordinary existence. With a little will and dedicated training, we can help you find your calling.


At any level or position your personal success is vital to make us succeed too. We are dedicated to your future, as it is essential to ours. You will receive basic and specialist training in your field and we even provide the option to pay for your education. Throughout your career your future is actively encouraged.


Our structure is dedicated to giving you responsibility. If you need to make sure 200 personnel are fed in less than two hours or are responsible for the maintenance of 20 typhoon jets you will be given these opportunities earlier than in any civilian career.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on the 16th May to find out more!

However, if you would like to speak to us sooner please contact the staff at RAF Careers on 0115 9572424 (Option 3)

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