This regulated qualification is ideal for anyone wishing to work as a door supervisor as it provides them with the necessary skills and knowledge to apply for an SIA licence in this field. Subjects covered include behavioural standards, legislation relevant to the role, search procedures, powers of arrest, recording incidents and crime scene preservation, reducing risk, conflict management, communicating effectively and physical intervention.



These include the main characteristics of the Private Security Industry:

  • The importance of safe working practices to comply with legal requirements, the role and objectives of a door supervisor
  • Powers of arrest relevant to a door supervisor, how to recognise, assess and reduce risk in conflict situations
  • Good practice to follow after conflict situations, physical interventions and the implications of their use and the use non-aggressive physical skills to protect yourself and others


Unit 1 – Working within the Private Security Industry

Unit 2 – Working as a Door Supervisor

Unit 3 – Conflict Management

Unit 4 – Physical Intervention Skills


Course Delivery Details:

Start date: Wednesday 3rd February 2021
End date: Wednesday 24th February 2021
Daily Start time: 9:30am
Daily Finish time: 4:30pm
Duration: 4 days a week on flexible distance learning. 3 Weeks in total.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be 19+
  • Receiving one of the following benefits: Job Seekers Allowance, Universal Credit, Employment Support Allowance
  • Employed on a low wage
  • To complete an online course, you will need either a tablet, laptop or PC


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