What is Sustrans Access?

Sustrans Access works with jobseekers over the age of 16 years who are traveling to interviews, work and apprenticeships, training or skills courses or starting a new job.

How can we help you?

Plan your journeys
We can help find the quickest and cheapest routes to work, interviews or training

Free bike and kit
All you need to get you riding and keep you on the road

Cycle skills
Dr Bike and fix your bike for free. Gain confidence with free cycle training and group rides. Learn cycle maintenance and how to build a bike.

To be eligible for the project you must be:

  • Over 16
  • A Nottingham City resident
  • Unemployed but actively looking for work or employability related opportunities such as training, volunteering, attending interviews, starting a job etc.

Interested? Please get in touch to find out more.

Tel: 01158 532 948

Email: access@sustrans.org.uk

Web: www.sustransaccess.org.uk

The Sustrans Access to Work Project is part of Nottingham City and Derby City Councils’ Access Fund programme.