Employer verified_user International Celebrity Limited

Stoney House 26-30 32 Stoney Street, Nottingham NG1 1LL
Salary Minimum Wage
Hours Monday to Friday 9-5
Contract Fixed term
Type Job
Role Video editor
Closing date 30/06/2021

he Kickstart Scheme is the creation of new 6-month job placements for young people (aged 16-24-years-old) who are currently on universal credit and at risk of long-term unemployment. ICN is looking for hunger, a desire to do more than ‘just enough’ but to want to help make something ‘excellent’, a pro-active nature but a team player too. ICN has an ambitious and exciting business plan, with good investors. There is more than enough scope for someone to become a senior member of the team with the associated rewards and status without it being about the individual! ICN is looking to see if the right long term team can be built through a possible 6 month placement starting point, and ICN will then invest in the right people.

ICN wants candidates with this clear ambition in mind, and is prepared to invest heavily in those people and reward them well over time should they prove the right cultural fit and help the company achieve that shared desire.

During the initial 6 month role, it is expected both roles will involve all of the below, and if the roles became permanent after, an element of specialism could take place. ICN has a lot of existing video equipment and is just investing in a drone camera, more lights, radio mics, and another video camera to create multiple angles on a shoot.

1. Video Producer: with coaching and guidance, executing this part of the ICN website for clients, plus the same role for ICN’s own products - https://icn-media.com/services/video-production/
a. The successful candidate will be tasked with updating the page on the ICN website, the Fact Sheet and doubling the size of the Jargon Buster with more video production terminology, also adding any extra tips or ideas to the ICN Guide to Video Production which is available for sale on ICN’s website.
b. There are several ‘live’ client projects where the pre-production, storyboarding, shooting, editing and post production will need to be carried out.
c. You will also be asked to work with the CEO to produce a series of videos, one for each part of the ICN Media website (6 will be a priority: Web, Apps, Social Media, SEO, Video Production, Quality Control).ICN also needs videos to be made for its new ICN SQUID website, and possibly for 2 new Apps that ICN Apps is releasing.
d. ICN is likely to have some client video seminar work, and is considering doing its own video seminar later in the year. The successful candidate will be trained on how to produce this as though it was an hour of live television.
e. Review of video report: at the end of the internship you will deliver a report after comparing and contrasting

2. Content Producer: with coaching and guidance, executing the written content part of the ICN website for clients. This also hones the skills necessary when story boarding and scripting parts of the Video Producers role. This covers:
a. Social media: https://icn-media.com/services/social-media/
i. You will be tasked with evaluating current performance and suggesting ways to improve engagement and come up with an approach for content across the different social media accounts that ICN manages. Distribution/followers will be handled by a different role, so there is a delineation here, the focus is content and engagement for this role.
b. Native Advertising: https://icn-media.com/services/native/
i. You will be tasked with updating this section, creating a jargon buster and suggesting example trials for this that we could put to our existing client base at the start of the internship after doing some (in work time) reading and research on the subject.
c. Email Newsletters: https://icn-media.com/services/email-newsletters/
i. You will be responsible for creating email newsletters for a number of ICN properties and clients.
d. Copy Writer: Your initial task will be to act as the copy writer for ICN Media and ICN Apps websites, so a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ to ensure there are no typos, missed words, and spelling mistakes, and so you ensure ICN maintains the highest possible standards on its work.

A keen interest in videography and content and a desire to work in an entrepreneurial, creative and innovative environment. Someone who wants to work within an overall structure, but enjoy the feeling of being able to manage their own day and be able to have ideas and start implementing them after checking back. Someone who will go to their line manager with two alternative solutions, seeking guidance on how to decide which is best, not someone who is looking to go to their manager with a problem and wait for them to tell them the answer! Creative and imaginative, yet tech-savvy and aware - prior technical experience can be helpful but is not mandatory.

Any evidence of the ability to shoot and edit video (films produced, editing software used) and any courses taken or qualifications obtained will be helpful and demonstrate a clear interest in the subject. Any direct study or practical experience and evidence of after effects or post production experience, sound and lighting knowledge and experience would be a distinct advantage, though ICN is also happy to invest in training in these areas should the role become permanent.